David White
Seattle, WA

Accomplished senior software engineering contractor with extensive experience in the full software development life cycle from prototyping, to design and implementation, to integration testing, and maintenance; with a development background ranging from applications to device drivers, in multiple languages, on UNIX, Microsoft, and various embedded platforms, in commercial and defense development environments of all sizes.

Summary of Qualifications

Professional Experience

Dave White Consulting, Irvine, CA (09/2013 – 05/2015)

Contracted by Sextant Engineering (sxtnt.com) for software development of a Bathymetry based navigational aid (goo.gl/H7iZWq) for nuclear ballistic missile submarines for the Strategic Systems Programs office of the US Navy. The software corrects errors accumulated over time in the onboard inertial navigation system (ESGN) through the use of a particle filter algorithm, submarine sonar depth measurements, and high resolution Bathymetric maps of the ocean floor. A Secret DoD clearance was required. Development and target platform was Linux (RHEL), with additional tools employed including wxWidgets, C/C++, STL, Boost, DDS (RTI Connext), OpenGL, Eclipse, Valgrind, and GitHub.

Infosys, Irvine, CA (07/2012 – 09/2013)
Technology Analyst

Contracted by Infosys (a multinational provider of business consulting, information technology, software engineering and outsourcing services) to The Capital Group (one of the world's largest investment management organizations with assets of around one trillion USD under management), as a member of their web admin team. Responsible for support of client facing websites including AmericanFunds.com. Duties include admin related tasks in support of Tomcat, Apache, and Weblogic implementations running on Solaris. Applications also utilized include Adobe CQ5 (WCM), Foglight (monitoring), Site Catalyst (web analytics), Ultraseek (search implementation), and Remedy (incident, change, and problem management). Support included firewalls, load balancers (F5), production, staging, development, and disaster recovery environments.

Dave White Consulting, Irvine, CA (09/2009 – 07/2012)

Developed and published multiple mobile applications in Java for the Google Android platform. Experience also includes browser-based mobile application development (in HTML, CSS, and DOM) hosted on a cloud based scalable back end (with Google App Engine, and Java EE). Additional technologies, platforms, and product experience includes Eclipse, XML, Java ME, Subversion, Big Table, AdSense, and AdMob.

Northrop Grumman, Anaheim, CA (07/2001 – 09/2009)
Senior Software Engineering Contractor

Contracted developer assigned to the architecture, design, implementation, and integration of large scale, distributed CORBA (Orbix) client/server based applications in C++ for the UNIX (Solaris) platform, utilizing an OOA/OOD approach with UML (Rational Rose), extensive Oracle database integration, X Windows GUI development (BXPro), and ClearCase configuration management. The software represented the Ground Support Segment of the Ground-based Midcourse Defense contract for the government Missile Defense Agency. A Secret DoD clearance was required. Specific areas of software responsibility included health and status monitoring of the boost vehicle and Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle, telemetry, monitoring of Network Time Protocol services, and maintaining core multithreading services for use by other developer groups. Also assisted with system integration testing, and extended troubleshooting at remote customer installations.

BlueKite, Irvine, CA (2000 - 07/2001)
Senior Software Engineer

Developed a mobile Internet software platform in C++ that enabled the delivery of rich content mobile Internet services over the early low bandwidth data services available by the major mobile carriers. The client/server software product enhanced wireless Web browsing speeds by an average of 500%, and bandwidth efficiency by an average of 800%. The solution consisted of both Windows enterprise and Sun Solaris server platforms (at the carrier site), which would compress both textual and graphical data before sending it over the air to various supported client platforms (Windows notebooks, smartphones, and PDAs), which then uncompressed the data for the browser. My development supported the Microsoft Windows server component by compressing and caching client requests through the proxy server, as well as authenticating users through an LDAP directory interface. The network-independent platform optimized access over any data-capable, IP-based network.

Minds@Work, Irvine, CA (1999 - 2000)
Senior Software Engineering Contractor

Independent software engineering contractor responsible for designing a custom Microsoft Windows device driver to support development of a USB mass storage device. Involved the development of a VxD port driver to integrate with the Windows I/O subsystem, as well as a USB WDM minidriver. Development included use of the Windows DDK and Windows kernel debugger, as well as additional support for other Microsoft platforms.

Northrop Grumman, San Pedro, CA (1995 - 1999)
Senior Software Engineering Contractor

Contracted developer assigned to the design, implementation, and testing of a Mission Planning System for the B-2 Stealth Bomber. Offered software development expertise in C, X Windows OSF/Motif GUI development, and integration with Sybase databases. The platform was UNIX (Solaris). A secret DoD clearance with special access was required. Also, consulted as a trainer for an Integrated CASE suite of software development tools for the Sun Solaris platform. Tools included Sybase, Cadre, Xerox InConcert workflow management tools, X Windows GUI builders, code analysis and size estimation tools, data modeling, and configuration management tools.

Endevco Corporation, San Juan Capistrano, CA (1994 - 1995)
Software Engineering Contractor

Contracted embedded systems software engineer for the company's Microtrac product line, a TI TMS320 DSP based commercial aircraft airborne jet engine vibration monitoring system. Requirements were to measure jet engine balance and vibration. The algorithm was a digital tracking filter written in assembler. The algorithm implemented a Fourier transform with convolution. The system also included a Motorola 68000 processor used to calculate optimal balance solutions for engine rebalancing during ground based maintenance operations.

Xtend Micro Products Corporation, Irvine, CA (1993 - 1994)
Software Engineer

Developed and was responsible for all corporate software development activities, including various applications written in C for the Windows platform. Responsibilities included the corporate information system backbone (Novell), management of technical support department, and engineering support for manufacturing and quality assurance.

Halda Corporation, Irvine, CA (1991 - 1993)
Software Engineer

Designed and developed numerous real-time, multithreaded, embedded software application components for a transportation network scheduling and routing system. The target system consisted of a Hitachi 64180 based in-vehicle computing terminal, coupled with an Intel 8051 driven radio modem (as a wireless data communications link), and embedded GPS receiver for location reporting.

Cumulus Corporation, Solon, OH (1988 - 1991)
Software Engineer

Developed device drivers for various IBM PS/2 peripherals including primary and secondary storage devices in assembly language for the Intel 8086 microprocessor.

SofTech Corporation, Fairborn, OH (1987 - 1988)
Associate Software Engineer

Developed applications for managing aircraft digitized voice/data communications and countermeasure control.


Case Western Reserve University
Master of Science in Operations Research (1991)
Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering (1987)